Alexander Skowron

LIFE Berlin
International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course (LIFE)

Curriculum Vitae

LIFE Fellow since 2019, MPI for Human Development, Berlin

I am a doctoral student in the Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group located at the MPIB. My dissertation advisor is Douglas Garrett. In my project I employ multimodal neuroimaging techniques to investigate the neural bases of learning and memory processes and their ageing-related changes. I have a keen interest in computational methods to model behavioral and brain-imaging data. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Leiden University in the Netherlands in 2016 before moving to Berlin, where I received my Master’s degree in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience from the FU. For my Master’s thesis, I investigated the effects of a dopaminergic drug on reinforcement learning behavior in older adults and linking them to changes in BOLD signal variability.

Dissertation project:

The role of neural and behavioral variability in learning and decision-making across the lifespan


Garrett, D. D., Skowron, A., Wiegert, S., Adolf, J., Dahle, C. L., Lindenberger, U., & Raz, N. (2021). Lost dynamics and the dynamics of loss: Longitudinal compression of brain signal variability is coupled with declines in functional integration and cognitive performance. Cerebral Cortex, 31(11), 5239–5252.

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