Metacognition and Computational Psychiatry Group

Our research focuses on understanding how the human brain supports self-awareness and metacognition, and how these processes are altered in disorders of mental health. Metacognition refers to the ability to reflect on, monitor and control other cognitive processes, often in the absence of feedback. By designing innovative experiments we aim to deconstruct metacognition into its component parts, such as how we recognise our errors, becomes aware of internal states, and develop beliefs about our skills and abilities. We combine theoretical models with a range of behavioural and cognitive neuroscience approaches including functional and structural MRI, TMS, M/EEG and eye tracking. We are strongly committed to translating our research findings into benefits for mental health and wider society.

Research Foci

  • Neurocognitive mechanisms of metacognition and self-awareness
  • Contribution of dysfunctional metacognition to disorders of mental health
  • Relationship between self-awareness and social cognition


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