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Quentin Huys

Quentin Huys

qh [at] quentinhuys [dot] com

Short CV

2002 BA Cambridge University
2007 PhD Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL
2011 MBBS UCL Medical School
2016 Dr. med. Universität Zürich
2018 Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, University Hospital of Psychiatry, Zurich

Research Interests

  • Computational psychiatry, with particular focus on developing computational tools to improve patient outcomes in depression and addictive disorders
  • Complex decision-making and learning
  • Computational models of emotion

Selected Publications

A formal valuation framework for emotions and their control. Huys QJM and Renz D. Biological Psychiatry (2017) 82:413--420

Computational psychiatry as a bridge from neuroscience to clinical applications. Huys QJM*, Maia T* and Frank MJ. Nature Neuroscience (2016) 19(3):404--413

A Roadmap for the Development of Applied Computational Psychiatry. Paulus MP, Huys QJM and Maia T. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (2016) 1(5):386-392

The interplay of approximate planning strategies. Huys QJM, Lally N, Faulkner P, Eshel N, Seifritz E, Gershman SJ, Dayan P and Roiser JP. PNAS (2015), 112(10):3098-3103

Bonsai trees in your head: How the Pavlovian system sculpts goal-directed choices by pruning decision trees. Huys QJM*, Eshel N*, O'Lions E, Sheridan L, Dayan P and Roiser JP. PLoS Comp Biol (2012) 8(3): e1002410

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