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Douglas Garrett

Douglas Garrett

garrett [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de
+49 30 82406-216

Short CV

PhD in Psychology, 2011, University of Toronto, Canada;
M.A. in Psychology, 2007, University of Toronto, Canada;
B.A. in Psychologie (Honours, Co-op, with Distinction), 2003, University of Victoria, Canada.

Project Participation

Fellow, Leader of Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group

Research Interests

  • EEG/fMRI brain signal variability and dynamics in relation to lifespan development, cognition, neurochemistry, network dynamics, and brain structure.
  • Multivariate methods that allow the examination of brain signal variability phenomena across multiple levels of analysis.


Selected Publications

Garrett, D.D., Lindenberger, U., Hoge, R., and Gauthier, C.J. (2017). Age differences in brain signal variability are robust to multiple vascular controls. Scientific Reports, 7, 10149. 
*Grandy, T., *Garrett, D.D., Schmiedek, F., and Werkle-Bergner, M. (2016). On the estimation of brain signal entropy from sparse neuroimaging data. Scientific Reports, 6, 23073. 
Garrett, D.D., Nagel, I.E., Preuschhof, C., Burzynska, A.Z., Marchner, J., Wiegert, S., Jungehülsing, G., Nyberg, L., Villringer, A., Li, S-C., Heekeren, H.E., Bäckman, L., & Lindenberger, U. (2015). Amphetamine modulates brain signal variability and working memory in younger and older adults. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112,7593-7598. 
Garrett, D.D., McIntosh, A.R., & Grady, C.L. (2014). Brain signal variability is parametrically modifiable. Cerebral Cortex, 24, 2931-2940.
Garrett, D.D., Samanez-Larkin, G.L., MacDonald, S.W.S., Lindenberger, U., McIntosh, A.R., & Grady, C.L. (2013). Moment-to-moment brain signal variability: A next frontier in brain mapping? Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 37, 610-624.
Garrett, D.D., Kovacevic, N., McIntosh, A.R., & Grady, C.L. (2013). The modulation of BOLD variability between cognitive states varies by age and processing speed. Cerebral Cortex, 23, 684-693.
Garrett, D.D., Kovacevic, N., McIntosh, A.R., & Grady, C.L. (2011). The importance of being variable. Journal of Neuroscience, 31, 4496-4503.

Garrett, D.D., Kovacevic, N., McIntosh, A.R. & Grady, C.L. (2010). Blood oxygen level-dependent signal variability is more than just noise. Journal of Neuroscience, 30, 4914-4921.


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